Sue F.(non-registered)
I attended Old Time Drags in August 2019, do you have any photos from this event? I got a business card with your info.
I have a Blue 68 Firebird and am interested in finding some images of my car.
Thank you
Thank you
Sue F.
Bob Vanderberg(non-registered)
Just scoped out your site Ken, awesome job buddy.
Brian Dean(non-registered)
i love your pics and i have book marked so i may enjoy your photos anytime.
Rob Petty(non-registered)
i love the shots, so many great shots, not just pictures... I will visit this site often... Got my bookmark done !
Aaron S(non-registered)
Great job Dad.. they look great!
Garry Fife aka: moparman(non-registered)
Amazing photos Ken, you certainly have a talent for photography. Along way from the quiet boy in TeAtatu. Keep it man!
Bryan Lewis(non-registered)
Great pics - I'll be back often to enjoy them
The Johnson's/ Fort Frances(non-registered)
Very good, didn't look at all of them, will be back many times to catch them all.
Excellent idea!
Kerry Bree(non-registered)
Now everybody can enjoy your great pix.
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